ArcheAge Beta

ArchAge (Trion) also makes Rift

The Good. Sandox.
The Bad. Level Grind hamster wheel.
The Ugly. World chat/community.

Of all the games on my MMO Summer games list, I was pretty excited to be playing the beta for ArcheAge. One of the main selling points for this game is the “sandbox” element. In fact, on the homepage for the game, it is very explicitely referred to as such.  This is also the element the drew so much interest from players trying to grab beta keys and flooded the chat and game forums with stupid comments, racism, slurs and general rudeness towards other players. The game will be F2P when it launches later in the year, so opening the flood gates to everyone in an anticipated game will naturally draw trolls. I actually made it a rule to stay away from betas, as the excitement for when the actual game lauches takes a bit of the excitement out of it. So I did get to about level 25 or so, in a game that capped at 50 I believe, at least in the beta.

I am looking forward to playing an MMO that emphasizes things like crafting, farming, housing, trading and economy as opposed to the usual  grind to end game and grind repeated raids or dungeon for epic gear, which most current popular MMOs are guilty of.  I like the idea of logging into a perpetual world where I can exist and live of the land and contribute to the world economy with crafted goods as opposed to “killing all the things” for more “things”. Unfortunately, for this game, the beginning is met with the usual grind to level cap, so I’m assuming that the “good stuff” that I’m looking for is at the end, but that’s okay.

A couple of interesting thing that this game offers very early on is transportation/mounts. You can actually do mounted combat at level 10, and receive a shiny new mount at about the same time. You also recieve a small rowboat, which you can later upgrade to large ships. And of course, the coolest thing about the game are the gliders. Flying around the world on your personal glider is actually quite fun, although your first glider is pretty crappy.

Visually the game looks like Guild Wars 2, including the inteface and the character models look like Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, which is to say they look pretty good. I will keep following the progress for this game and do a bit of crafting if I get into the next beta, but the idea of a character wipe really bothers me. I might try out different classes and races next time for comparison. I’m feeling pretty positive about this game, but I’m a little worried about other characters being able to kill you, steal from you and you possibly going to prison, which I don’t fully understand the mechanics of.

See y’all next week with another MMO!


Resident Evil 1 HD Remake!

HD Remake of Resident Evil! For all systems and PC early 2015!

Resident Evil Is Getting an HD Remaster

Resident Evil Is Getting an HD Remaster

Resident Evil Is Getting an HD Remaster


Now if they’d just remake all the original games. RE2, RE3, Code Veronica, but I suppose this is impossible as there is already a remake for RE1 on Gamecube which this new HD game is likely based on– like the Zelda Windwaker HD Remake.

Thoughts? Thoughts? I think RE is my favorite franchise– above Silent Hill, COD or Halos.



No. Not Neverwinter Nights 2, the PC game from Bioware that everyone loves. I’m talking about the MMO. I’m still doing the MMO summer thing in case you forgot, and I haven’t shot myself yet. I am actually surprised to find out that there are two Dungeons & Dragons MMOs out right now. D&D Online, which is more traditional and closer to Pen and Paper, and then there’s Neverwinter, which is a lot closer to other theme park MMOs and has a cool fan created content system.

I have to say that of all the MMOs I’ve played so far, this is by far the friendliest to newcomers and the funnest to play. It is purely an action style game, where you have mainly the left and right mouse button to click on for most of your actions and the occasional hotkey for other special attacks, thus you have a game that plays much more like Diablo 3. It’s kind of wierd, because I’m used to seeing very complex UI setups with tons of hotbars everywhere, and while there is a UI in this game, I was mainly only concerned with clicking, clicking, clicking. It plays well as a standalone RPG too, and should port nicely to XBOXOne if rumors of it’s port are true.
I was surprised to see that I was able to get quite far on my own as a Mage and Hunter class. Usually you need some type of tanky/healer character to solo through MMOs, but I’ve been doing alright with my squishy wizard and archer. There are some very nice set pieces and instanced dungeons in the tutorial and overall I think it is a very pleasant theme park MMO so far.

I might continue on past this weekend. It’s pretty fun.

Next up will be StarTrek or Swordsman.
ArcheAge beta is coming back next weekend too, so I may jump back in again.

Anyone else play D&D Online or Neverwinter?

Back to the Motha’ship!

Star Trek Online  I’ve been jumping back and forth between MMOs this summer, and I can’t believe I’ve neglected this game for so long. Usually when it comes to lore and story I really like Lord of the Rings Online or The Secret World, two of my favorite worlds. I think I was put off by this games initial tutorials regarding space combat. I actually really prefer the dialogue and characters that I meet along my journey through this game. Traveling through Vulcan space or encountering Klingons or Borg on my way to a mission is just really cool! I love the TV series, and I really love the way this game incorporates familiar elements! Although they are separate things, I don’t mind the space combat that much. I need to spend more time with this game. Most of my time playing it has been surprising and enjoyable. Super fun!

MMO Summer Report: Star Wars:The Old Republic

This year I completely avoided the Steam Summer Sale, mostly because I already own most of the games I wanted and decided to play MMOs almost exclusively for my summer gaming sessions. While I’ve spent countless hours in this early endeavor, I’ve been enjoying my time nonetheless– and saved money too! Since I haven’t jumped into the “Next Gen” console hardware race yet, I’ve been spending quality time with PC and iOS, (and occasionally WiiU) instead. 

I actually prefer RPGs to MMOs but I’m finding it easier to solo through MMOs now, for better or worse, and I like the idea of an endless game with custom gear and parties plus an endless world to explore. I’m finding these things in MMOs, and thus “My MMO Summer Report” was born!

A short list of MMOs that I currently enjoy in no particular order:

  • The Secret World
  • Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Fallen Earth

Would like to try:

  • TERA
  • Rift
  • D&D Online

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Comments: SWTOR is a Free-to-Pay game!Try it out!

I’ve got a couple of characters on this account, and seeing as how there was a Double XP week, I decided to just play this game for a week and started up a new character, Imperial Agent, and I’m really glad I did because it is one hell of a fun story line! Getting an XP boost made it easier to get through the story line and the grind less of a hassle, so it felt like I was playing a movie or cool TV series. I might have leveled up a bit too fast, because I didn’t find much of the general combat too challenging.


However, one of the things that didn’t change was the jerky community. One of the things that  puts me off from MMOs are the jerky players that like to get into shouting matches and berate the group. Getting into a guild has it’s benefits, but putting up with rude players can be a deal breaker. I love the game and world enough that I can deal with a few rotten apples, and this phenomenon is not exclusive to this game.

I got to around level 25, which is like half of the story line for a character in one week, which is pretty darned good for progressing a cool story. I kind of wish I had leveled slower to enjoy the story more, but maybe I’ll eventually finish this story. Other characters I want to finish are Bounty Hunter and Jedi Knight, so I’ll be looking for XP Weekends in the future!

Verdict: A great weekend with a great game! I want to try out the housing system coming soon! 

The Bad: Toxic community. One would be wise to study up on Flashpoints and character builds, because god forbid you ever make a mistake in this game. The group will not forgive you! I was playing SIth side, so it was expected.

The Good: There is no good! I’m a Sith! Long live the Empire! I mean? Oh god? What did I just type? LOL! 😐